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How do I contact a cash app for a refund?


admin      May 1, 2020    154 Views    CASH APP

Cash app refund process is as easy as sending money through it. So, if you have made the decision to return a purchase, and received a payment in error, then just don’t worry, simple steps mentioned here to Cash App refund will help you understand the process very clearly.

Steps to refund payment on cash app

  • First of all tap activity tab in cash app on your iPhone or Android device
  • After that tap business payment that is to be refunded
  • Next tap three dots, menu section
  • After that tap refund, and then hit ok.

You can receive money from cash app in two different ways

  • Receiving money from a cash app after sending a payment request or accepting an incoming payment.
  • In case anyone has never paid before cash app, you will always need to accept payments in the pending tab.
  • After that, payments can automatically be deposited in your account.

Here are a few simple steps process you can follow

  • Open cash app on your iPhone or android phone
  • For requesting money from someone, just go to the cash tab at the bottom center of screen, and then enter the amount.
  • After that hit request that you will find left below side of keypad
  • Select a person for requesting money either from the list of suggested people or manually entering a cashtag.
  • You can also add note, if you like to give them a reminder of what it is for.
  • After that tap green request button available at the top right corner of screen

Receiving money from cash app by accepting payment

  • Go to activity tab, that will be like clock icon available at bottom right corner of screen
  • Under the pending tab at the screen’s top section, you can check any of the requests made by others that are not easily completed.
  • You can also check payments with green accept button next to them
  • These are payments made from users who have never made a connection with you before. For accepting and receiving money sent by them, simply tap accept.
  • Finally when you click accept, a you will see a pop up on screen asking you for confirmation of how you would like to receive payments from the person.
  • Finally tap confirm, and then tap done.

Hope, Cash App refund, and steps to receive money from users is understood to you. In case of query or technical trouble, you can easily connect with our customer care executives.


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