How To Install Windows 10?

how to install windows

admin      November 18, 2019    MICROSOFT

Installing the latest updated windows give speed to your system and your device will never hang how heavy file you’re using. Due to high speed so many files can be sent within no time. To download the latest version there...Read more…

How To Create A Microsoft Account?

How To Create A Microsoft Account

admin      August 19, 2019    MICROSOFT

Microsoft is an American multinational company and it is well known for its software, computers, etc. On April 4, 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Its service is famous as it is the world's most valuable company. It...Read more…

How To Delete Microsoft Account?

how to delete microsoft account

admin      August 7, 2019    MICROSOFT

Microsoft is a company that makes Computer Software and video games. If you are the Microsoft Account user and want to delete your account because of personal reason but you are unable to do so, then read How To Delete...Read more…

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