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How To Fix Gmail IMAP Error?

How To Fix Gmail IMAP Error

admin      February 15, 2020    169 Views    GMAIL

Gmail is one of the best email websites but then sometimes issues affect the user’s tasks. Few times¬† Gmail problems occur when the IMAP server not set up in a proper manner and when incorrect settings are set up. When device error and internet connection issues occur then IMAP server issues occur. Just because of these issues sometimes mailing issues also occur and due to that sometimes users unable to send and receive the mails.

Directions To Gmail IMAP Error

If you are not able to fix the Gmail IMAP Error then just follow the directions explained below. The below-given directions can help you in fixing the IMAP Error in an easy and hassle-free manner.

At first, assure whether your internet is working properly or not and if not then try to resolve the internet connection as this may the main reason for facing problems.

Secondly, delete the cache cookies and history saved in your search browser as sometimes these unwanted things can affect your work and it may cause several issues.

When your browser gets overload with unnecessary files the browser gets slows and sometimes this leads to Gmail not working issues. In order to fix this type of issue reinstall the browser and then again try to perform various tasks.

If the methods that are given above not help you in fixing the issues then open your account. Then after that visit the setting page and then from there open the IMAP Setting page. On that page check the setting if the setting is not saved in the correct manner then edit it and rectify the same.

If after setting the IMAP you are facing the issues then it may be possible that the issue occurring just because of the server in this case only Google can help you. To notify the server issues to Google simply visit the Google Help Center page and from there drop the server query email to Google.


Hope the methods that have been explained above helped you in fixing the issues. If in case you are having any sort of query related to this blog then just leave a query message in the comment section available below.

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