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Google Account Recovery- A simple step process

Google Account Recovery A simple step process

admin      January 21, 2020    231 Views    GOOGLE

Google account provides everything that increases your ease, convenience, safety and utility of users. Creating a Google account is very easy to step process that needs some basic yet important information for authentication purposes. Username and password are two primary means of authentication that are required at the time when you are signed in to Google. What if you lost either of means of authentication. You won’t be able to access your account. Well! In this blog, we are going to discuss Google Account Recovery, in the case when you lost your username or password.

Recover Password of Google Account- Steps

  • First, open a web browser to visit the account recovery page of google.
  • After that, put your google account address, and submit it with next click
  • Clicking forgot password link, you will be asked to fill last remembered password
  • In case you don’t remember your previous password, then you can select to try different options.
  • Here, it will ask you to verify your identity either through the mailing address or phone number.
  • Choosing recovery mail address you will receive link of account verification in the inbox of Gmail. This link will direct you to the password reset page from there you can generate new password.
  • In spite of this, if you are choosing a phone number for Google Recovery, then you will be receiving a code of verification on your handset.
  • Filling this passcode on your screen, you will there get an option to create a new password.
So, you knew how easy it is to recover your Google Account in case you lost your password.

Recover Google Account when you lost your email address

Well! if there comes the situation when you lot your recovery information, but a few times before you have opened your account, still you will have another option to recover your account through browsing history and finding the user name. In case you have neither recovery mail and number then go ahead with the following steps:
  • Go to Google Recovery page
  • Then select option that indicates you that you do not know about password option after entering Gmail address
  • You will see option for verification of your identity
  • You need to give the right answers to asked questions in order to recover your account easily.
Hope, reading steps you can easily process your Google Account Recovery in case of lost password, lost mail account or either of them. Keep visiting us to get such information and knowledgeable technical steps.

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