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Why does a marketplace account get blocked?

unblock my facebook marketplace

admin      September 21, 2020    227 Views    FACEBOOK

Facebook started its marketplace service for its users a few years ago. Most of the Facebook users are using this facility to sell and purchase products from local sellers. Also, Facebook has maintained its legacy as a famous social networking website even for the marketplace. You can chat with the seller personally on Facebook before making a purchase. They will assist you with your doubts regarding the product. Most of the time I face a lot of issues to unblock my marketplace on Facebook. As locking will not only stop users from making purchases but they will not be able to check the products either. We will learn about all of them in this blog. Additionally, we will also know to unblock my marketplace on Facebook account.

  • If you create a fake account then Facebook will lock your account after a few transactions. If someone creates a fake account on the Facebook marketplace to sell or buy products then Facebook will look at their account. Moreover, Facebook has also specified a time limit for users after which they will get access to the marketplace. So, if a fake account gets locked then it will take a long time for the user to create a fresh account and access the marketplace on it. This clause is somewhere helpful to reduce the count of fake accounts.
  • Apart from this, providing any wrong information to customers, the wrong name of the product, selling counterfeit or defective items will also result in blockage of account. Facebook keeps a record of all the sales and purchases done on the marketplace. They also take feedback from both customers and sellers to improve their service. Hence, if someone makes a negative review for you then it will have a bad impact on your profile.
  • Facebook marketplace will also look for after selling reviews. If you make a return or cancel your product for unnecessary reasons then Facebook has the control to lock your account.

How do I get unblocked from the marketplace?

A Facebook marketplace blocked account is of no use until we restore its access. Leave browsing products, we can’t even get to see the marketplace icon if the account is locked. So, do not violate any e-commerce rules to continue using the marketplace service. Moreover, if you are already in this situation then don’t get panic as we are here to help you. We will help you to get unblocked from Facebook marketplace through the easy steps:

  • First of all, raise a claim with the marketplace. this will help you to know the exact reason behind the locking of your account. Once you get the reason, now you are ready to take action.
  • If you think that the reason to lock your account is unfair then ready with substantial proof. On the other hand, if your account is locked for mentioning the wrong description or catalogue then you have to change it. You can fit it from your profile following the same process that you opted to list the product.
  • Once I see that they have unblocked my marketplace on Facebook, then I have to check for my listings. Sometimes that removes the listing if they found it wrong. IF your listing was not there then you have to recreate it. Follow the steps again to list the product on Facebook marketplace. You can also contact the marketplace support team over the call or chat to know the procedure to list products. They will help you entirely to list products, manage your accounts, and make your accounts among the best sellers.

How do I block someone in the marketplace?

Facebook is providing diversified services to its customers. It also allows us to block someone on Facebook marketplace and stop them from seeing our products. If someone is making wrong use of Facebook commerce policies then you can block then through following the below steps. Along with this, they will no longer be available on your friend’s list on Facebook.

  • Go to the conversation of that person.
  • Click on their name to open their timeline.
  • Search for the block option in their profile and click on it.

From now onwards they will not be able to see your products and post on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook will also remove them from your friend’s list.

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