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How To Create A Microsoft Account?

How To Create A Microsoft Account

admin      August 19, 2019    167 Views    MICROSOFT

Microsoft is an American multinational company and it is well known for its software, computers, etc. On April 4, 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Its service is famous as it is the world’s most valuable company. It is quite easy to create a Microsoft Account but for your guidance How To Create a Microsoft Account blog has been written. Just follow the steps provided in the blog and on your own create a Microsoft Account.

Steps For Creating a Microsoft Account

  • Open your web browser and type Microsoft Sign Up and then just press the enter button.
  • On pressing the enter button Microsoft homepage will open, from there click on the Create a Microsoft account link.
  • Thereafter Microsoft Sign up page will open there you have to first enter the email id. After entering the email id just simply tap on the Next button.
  • Later, another page will open in that you have to enter the password and then after that click on the Next button.
  • On clicking the Next button another page will open in that you have mentioned your full name and entering it just tap on the Next tab.
  • Thereafter on another page, you have to enter your mobile number. Must provide the active mobile number because the verification code will be sent via message on your mentioned number.
  • After entering the number click on the send code link.
  • On clicking the link verification code will be sent on your mentioned mobile number.
  • Thereafter on the next page enter the verification code and then tap on the Next button
  • On clicking the Next button your New Microsoft Account will get successfully created and now you will be able to access it.

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