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How To Create Gmail Account?

how to create gmail account

admin      October 16, 2019    97 Views    GMAIL

Creating a Gmail Account is not a harder task but sometimes the user gets confused in creating the account and then search for help. If you also need help and guidance in creating an account on Gmail then just simply read out our How To Create Gmail Account blog as this blog will help you in creating the account in an easy way.

Simple Steps To Create A Gmail Account

  • Open Your Device – At first, open your device and then open search browser on your device and then in the search box enter gmail.com and then after that tap the search icon.
  • Gmail Sign In – On clicking the search icon Gmail Sign In page will get from there tap on the create account option. On clicking the link “For myself” and “To manage my business” option will appear on the screen you can choose any one as per your preference.
  • Gmail Sign Up – Thereafter Gmail Sign Up page will get open in that you need to enter First name, Last name, username, password, and confirm password. The password which you will enter must be of 8 or more characters and the password must include letters, numbers & symbols. After entering all the details on the Gmail Sign Up page click on the Next button.
  • Personal Info Page – Thereafter another page will get open in that you need to enter your phone number, date of birth, gender, and recovery email address. After entering the details just click on the “Next” button.
  • Google Privacy & Security Page – On clicking the next Google Privacy & Security Page will get open on your screen from there just read all the information carefully and then after that just click on the “I Agree” button.
  • Gmail Account Created – On agreeing to the privacy policy your Gmail Account will get successful created and then you will be all to use your Google account.

Drop a comment in the comment section if you are having any queries related to this blog or if you need any help in creating Gmail Account.

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