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How do I log into the cash app without a phone number

cash app without a phone number

admin      May 16, 2020    228 Views    CASH APP

Hey, you get troubled about how do I log into the cash app without a phone number. Well, you can. Here, we describe one of the best solutions for it. But, for this, you have an email address that linked with your Cash app account. So, read this full blog carefully.

The Cash app asked for a mobile number or email address to send a confirmation code, at the time of creating a account or going to access an existing account. It basically a process to confirm your presence. So, now you must get the main point from here, like what the first and necessary steps to log in to your Cash app account.

How to access an old Cash app account without using a phone number? steps are below:-

Generally, we experience that users prefer to make a call Cash app customer team and ask them to access their account. But, here I mentioned a few steps that can easily resolve your issue. So, follow the below description and definitely you don’t have need to make call after getting the steps:

❖        First, you should ensure that you didn’t make any changes to your Cash app account.

❖       If yes, then you must try to log in to your account with the new user credentials or login it with old details and then change the setting.

❖       If still unable to access, then merge your old account with the new one account.

❖        If you still facing the same, then create a new one account and follow it. First, click Profile icon > tap Cash support > choose Something else > search for issues that you face > Contact Support.

Conclusion:-  Here, we discuss for how do I log into the cash app without a phone number. If you have any issues, then feel free to contact us. We are available to help you.

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