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Guidance to recover Facebook Account and Facebook Password in case of misrecollection of data.

recover my facebook account

admin      September 15, 2020    138 Views    FACEBOOK

Facebook has been one of the dearest social networking sites that are used by individuals across the globe. An individual meets different individuals just by opening the magical Facebook account. This relieves them from their monotonous lifestyle. But this magical life of Facebook can come to an end inadvertently. The reason behind this problem is some users tend to forget their password. So it becomes really strenuous to how to recover Facebook account and password without email and phone number.

Let’s see how the user can recover their Facebook account and password without email and phone number.

What are the steps for how to recover a Facebook account without email and phone number?

  • First of all, we have to go to the login page of our FB account.
  • Here we will see a tab displaying “Can’t log in” or “Forgot My Account“. We need to click on it.
  • Now in the next step, it will display a number of email addresses that are associated with our account.
  • In case we are not able to access any of them, then we have to choose the option which says that we don’t have access to them.
  • After that we will get an option of “Answer some Security Questions”.
  • We should answer the security questions to the best of our capability.
  • Once we enter the security questions, we will get the access back to our Facebook account.

How can the user recover the Facebook account without code ?

The user should try to login with an alternate email address or mobile number. If the user is unable to login to their Facebook account using their usual login credentials, they can try using an alternate email or phone number.

In order to start the process, the user should go to the login page and tap the “Forgot password”.

Then they need to click on the option that they do not have access to their email address which is present in the left corner at the bottom.

Then tap the ” Reset password” button to start the recovery process of the Facebook account.

Then the user has to enter an email address that they previously added to their Facebook account.

After that they need to opt “This is My Account’ when they see their profile photo. 

Finally, one has to follow the instructions displayed there to reset their password and then regain access to their Facebook account.

The user can also try their “Trusted Contacts” to help them recover their Facebook account.

How can we recover facebook password without mobile number and email id?

Usually, for the recovery of the Facebook password, one needs to have access to the email address or mobile number registered with their Facebook account. One can reset Facebook password by following the below steps:-

▪First of all, one has to open the Facebook webpage.

▪Then the user has to click on the link “Forgot password” which is present below the password textbox.

▪There will be a textbox  “Find your Account”, where the user has to enter the email id or the mobile number registered with their account.

▪Then click on “Search”, located below the textbox, and go with their google account option.

▪Then the user needs to click on the “Continue” button on the window.

▪After that the user should enter their Gmail id and password. This will work only if that Gmail account is registered with their Facebook account.

▪After the successful authentication with the Gmail account, the user shall be presented with a page where they can enter the new password and confirm it.

Nevertheless, if any user is still facing any issue they can seek further help. They can contact the techies who facilitate basic guidance and instruction to overcome the problem without having any unnecessary issues.

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