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What Bank Supports Chime To Enable A Chime Direct Deposit Feature

What Banks Work With Chime

admin      May 27, 2021    578 Views    Chime

To set up a direct deposit feature to your Chime account, you must have a routing number and account number. However, you can get such essential credentials using your mobile-based Chime app or through www.chime.com. After determining this information from your Chime account, you need to give it to your provider. On the other hand, you as a novice Chime user must also have proper information about What Bank Supports Chime. To know about the same, you should go through the blog below where you can find out the right information.

Let’s Start With How You Can Set Up A Direct Deposit Feature:

Method 1:

Set Up A Direct Deposit On The Chime Application:

  • Open the Chime mobile app and enter the login information to reach out to the Chime dashboard:
  • Hereafter, you need to locate and then tap on the Move Money option where you can find out the account number.
  • Furthermore, you will come to know about the Chime routing number that you need to give to your employer.
  • Alternatively, you need to go to the Move Money section where you have to tap on the ‘Direct Deposit’ option.
  • Now, you will have to opt for the option that says Email me a direct deposit form. Once you tap on it, you will be able to get a complete form.

Method 2:

Set Up A Direct Deposit On The Chime Website

  • If you are already signed in, you should navigate through the ‘Move Money’ option on your Chime homepage. If not, you should consider entering correct login information to sign in to your account first
  • Furthermore, once you click on it, you will come to see an account and routing number of your Chime account.
  • Besides, you need to provide these credentials to the benefit provider, payment issuer or your payroll.
  • On the other hand, you can also consider downloading or having a printout of a direct deposit form.
  • Moreover, you have to attach it to your email and send it to your provider without wasting your time.

What Banks Work With Chime?

To handle the money for Chime accounts, the Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank play an essential role. These banks let the users have a Chime Visa Debit card so that they can make purchases without any hisses.

What Banks Can You Use With Chime?

There are several banks that you can use with your Chime account to transfer or accept payments. There is a list of supported banks such as USAA, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, PNC, Bank of America, Capital One, and others.

Final Say In The Conclusion Part:

That’s the end of today’s blog post in which you have definitely got helpful and effective information. Hopefully, you have come to know about the way to set up a direct deposit feature on a Chime account. By any chance of matter at any point, if you’re not capable of enabling a Chime direct deposit, don’t worry. What you need to do is to refer to the official support section of Chime where you can determine the right material to execute. Besides, you will also find out several tips and knowledge-based articles to keep your account safe.

Furthermore, if you are still wandering for more details about What Banks Work With Chime, visit our website right now.

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