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How to contact eBay customer support for solving your eBay account technical glitches?

eBay support department number

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Saying wouldn’t be wrong that eBay is one of the reckoned eCommerce websites that are highly popular. Through this website, you can buy and sell anything. Not just this, there are many incredible features of the online shopping portal. As it’s an online shopping website, there are huge chances of getting stuck with technical errors. Right from the return to password change and app issues to sign up, there are many complicated technical problems that one can encounter. If any of these issues are happening to you then dial the eBay support department number to seek the help of the eBay tech support team.

With the help of this service, you can get in touch with the technical representatives. If the issue is not minor then techies are available around the clock via call, chat, and email to help assist you. Some of the most common queries of eBay users along with their answers are mentioned below-

How to troubleshoot eBay app errors?

Using the eBay app for online shopping is very simple and convenient. It has a user friendly interface that lets the users shop smoothly. But, technical problems can occur at any time to you. These are some common technical glitches that you’ll find with the eBay app-

  • There will be times when users of eBay can’t sign in to their eBay account. In such a situation, you might get an error wrong ID or password. If this happens, you are needed to check all the login details carefully that you’ve entered. Also, check that the auto correct and caps lock is off. This can sometimes cause issues while accessing the eBay account.
  • Another problem that happens with most eBay users is in the launching of the app. An outdated version of the app might cause this issue for you. When this kind of issue pops up, you’re needed to look for updates in the store. You will have to download the latest version of eBay. Make sure to update the app directly through the store.
  • In case you are not able to upload photos in the eBay app then you must try to uninstall the app and then re-install it. All these solutions will help you to troubleshoot eBay app related technical glitches.

What to do if your account was hacked

If your eBay account has been compromised, then you must follow these instructions to recover the account-

If you can’t sign in to your hacked eBay account, you need to contact the technical support team immediately. They’ll guide you about the troubleshooting steps to recover the account.

If are able to sign in to your account then follow these steps-

  • First of all, change your password.
  • You also need to change your secret questions.
  • After this, verify your details including contact information and payment details.
  • Make sure to check your listings and active bids. For removing unauthorized bids or listings, contact the eBay support team.

How to change the eBay account’s password?

Users are needed to change their password at a regular time interval to keep the account safe from hacking. If you want to change the password then go through these quick steps-

  • Just tap on the ‘Sign in and security option.
  • You need to select “Edit” which is available next to ‘Password’.
  • After that, you must enter your current password and your new password.
  • After doing this, tap on Submit.

What is the eBay support department number?

Through eBay support department number, you can get in touch with the technical executives who’ll handle your glitches immediately. If you want to talk to the technical experts directly then you need to go to the ‘help section for this.

Users will get one-time pass code that they need to use while calling on the 866 number. With this, you’ll get desired technical assistance from eBay.

How to contact eBay legal department?

If you have any kind of legal concerns with eBay then you must connect with the legal department. You can also drop an email related to your concern.

How do I contact the eBay department customer service?

To contact eBay department customer service, sign in to your eBay account. Then, click “Help & Contact” at the top of the screen. Now you need to scroll down to tap on the “Call us” option.

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