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What is Kindle Cloud Reader?

kindle cloude reader

admin      July 18, 2019    288 Views    KINDLE FIRE

Kindle Cloud Reader is known to those individuals who buy e-books at Amazon. While choosing the delivery option you might have been seen Kindle Cloud Reader option but usually, we don’t prefer this option as we don’t know the use of it that why we mostly recommend Deliver to Kindle or Deliver to Kindle for PC. In this blog, I want to tell you that this Cloud Reader is such a beneficial option for e-books readers as it provides library management, offline reading and many more. Kindle Cloud Reader is the web app which is mainly designed for those who are not having a Kindle device and for those who don’t want to install extra software. Some of the important points related to this Cloud Reader is described below.

If you are facing any difficulty while accessing the Amazon or the Reader account then avail our Kindle Customer Service.

How To Easily Access Kindle Cloud Reader?

Each time for the reading book we type read.amazon.com at our search browser, for not repeating this and for your own convenience bookmark the link. By bookmarking the link you don’t have to search for the  Cloud Reader of Kindle every time as the link will display on the top bar of the search engine.

The Google Chrome also shows have the Cloud reader extension you can als0 add it. By adding the extension you will be able to see the Kindle icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Which Browser Support Kindle Cloud Reader?

As this reader is the web app it is not the web service or webpage so that’s why few browsers support the same. This Cloud Reader is based on HTML5 and currently, it is available Apple Safari (both on Mac and iPad), Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox, IE. In this cloud reader, you can also set font size, font format, background color, text color, line width, brightness, etc.


Offline Reading Benefit

The main feature of this Cloud Reader is offline reading. You can save the content of 50 MB for reading it offline by doing this you can even save your data. If space gets full then automatically the old data will be deleted. The reader also automatically saves the books which you are currently reading and you can also do this if you want to add other books.


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