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Setting Up Samsung Phone The Samsung Customer Service Can Help You Out!

Samsung phones are one of the most popular Android phones on the market with impressive features, modern design and brand values. The below-given details are given Samsung Customer Service to show you how to set up your new Samsung phone.

Although Samsung Galaxy Phones are available in different models, all Samsung phones typically have a similar user interface, and the process of setting up a Samsung phone is generally more or less similar. For the best use of your new Samsung Galaxy phone, it is very important to set it up correctly for the first time. Therefore, this guide for setting up your new Samsung Galaxy Phones. You can also use the Samsung Customer Service Number to get more brief about the process. Follow the steps below to set up your new Samsung Galaxy Phone.

1. Open the back cover to turn on the battery and SIM card.

The first thing you need to do after your new Samsung Galaxy Phone is to open the back cover and insert the battery and the SIM card into the appropriate slots. If your Samsung phone supports expandable memory, insert a micro SD memory card into the slot. The micro SD card slot is located directly above the SIM card slot.

2. Switch on the phone

After inserting the battery and SIM card into the back of the phone, turn on the phone by pressing and holding the power button until the phone vibrates or the Samsung logo appears on the display.

3. Select Language

When the phone is fully switched on, you are prompted to select a language. After selecting a language, tap the Start or Arrow button.

4. Select and log in to the Wi-Fi network.

On the next screen, select your Wi-Fi network and log in with your Wi-Fi password.

5. Accept the terms and conditions.

After logging in to your Wi-Fi network, you are provided with an end-user license agreement that agrees with the software owner and the user (you). Accept the Terms of Use by tapping the Next button in the lower-right corner of the screen, and then touching the Accept button in the pop-up window. You can contact Samsung by calling the Samsung Phone Number if you have any issues regarding Terms&Conditions.

6. Use Go to transfer data from the old phone.

If you are upgrading to a new Samsung phone, transfer the data from your old Samsung phone to your new Samsung Galaxy phone. Tap & Go is now available for Android 5.0 and newer devices. In this article, you will find more information about Go Touch and Play for Android.

7. Log in to your Google Account

You'll then be asked to log in to your Google Account by entering your Google email address and password. If you don't have a Google Account, simply tap Create a new account. If you don't want to sign in to a Google Account, you can skip this step by tapping the Skip button at the bottom right.

8. Accept the terms and conditions

9. Select the payment method

If you're new to Android or have never set up a payment method, you'll be prompted to choose a payment method. Select "Add credit or debit card" and tap "Next" to continue. If you don't want to set a payment method, select Remember later and use Samsung Customer Service Phone Number to get the process done in the future.

10. Set the date and time

You will be prompted to select your time zone. This Step automatically sets the date and time of your Phone. You can also enter the date and time manually on your phone.

11. Get your apps and data screen

If other devices use the same Google Account, the "Get apps and data" screen appears. On this screen, you can restore your new Android phone using a backup copy of another device. This is useful if you want the same data and settings as your existing Android phone on your new phone.

12. Accept Terms of Use and Google Agreement

The next screen prompts you to accept Google's terms of service according to Samsung Customer Service it’s recommended to do so. This option displays the following options:

  • Back up your Google Account: If you uncheck this box, Google will not be able to back up your phone to your Google Account.
  • Use Google Location Services: This option asks if other applications have accessed your location and asked Google to send anonymous location information.
  • Help Improve Location Services: This option asks if you want applications and services to search for Wi-Fi networks.
  • Improve Android Experience: This option asks you if you want to send diagnostic and usage data to Google to improve your Android experience. If you have enabled or disabled these options, tap Next to continue to the next step.

13. Log in to your Samsung account or create a new one.

You will be prompted to log in to your Samsung account or create a new one with your Google ID. If you don't have a Samsung account yet but want to create one now, tap Create an account and follow the instructions to create a Samsung account.

14. Agree to Samsung's terms and conditions
Once you have entered your credentials, you must accept the terms again.

  • Back up your Google Account: If you uncheck this box, Google will not be able to back up your phone to your Google Account.
  • Terms and Conditions: This option must be enabled if you want to proceed to the next step
  • Samsung Privacy Policy: This option must also be enabled if you want to proceed to the next step.
  • Data Consolidation Policy: This is optional. You can also refuse and go to the next step.
  • 15. Selected phones: Set wake-up command

    Depending on your phone, you may be prompted to set additional features, including the following: Wake-up: This feature allows you to control your phone with voice commands, such as: Make calls and open applications, for example, by voice commands.

    16. Optional: Set simple mode

    Here users have the option to set the simple mode. Easy Mode enlarges text and application icons and simplifies home screen design.

    This completes the process of setting up your Samsung phone provided by Samsung Customer Service. We hope to help you out in every and that you have a great time with your new Samsung phone.

    For the best utilization of your new Samsung products, it is imperative to set it up accurately. You can likewise utilize the samsung customer service by phone to encounter several issues like reset my account, flush my phone, authenticate my phone, check my battery health, etc. If you don’t know how do i contact warranty, or how does warranty work and how to contact tech support, then just dial our toll-free number. However, there are other ways like email, chat and remote support, but the best and easiest way is calling experts via toll-free number.

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